[WoodyBay] Haynes Antique Car Chauffeuring Business Going Away

James Pardubsky jampard at dslextreme.com
Sat Oct 16 14:07:55 PDT 2021

Lance Haynes has decided to retire from running his Antique Car Chauffeuring
business after 22 years.


He is looking for someone to continue on with this business in the San Diego

He has developed a Website (hireoldcars.com) that comes up first on Google
searches for anything related to weddings, chauffeuring, cars for hire,
photo shoots, etc. using older antique, classic or vintage cars.


He is willing to be a consultant be anyone interested in running this

It is a way to make a little extra money using your old cars occasionally
instead of just letting them sit in storage so much.


If you need or want to some old cars, there are some available that are
suitable for this purpose.


Anyone interested can contact Lance at oldcars at lancedurant.com or
858-560-5737 or 619-302-1302,

Or Jim Pardubsky at jampard at dslextreme.com or 858-886-9777.



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