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I believe Woody would have wanted the auto list left alone. It provided an easy NO cost (to the user) venue to buy and sell auto related items.  The inner circle list is where the problem lies at the moment. Mike doesn't have the time to go thru every email and separate them, he may never do that. it was Woody's deal and he enjoyed it. I would personally have contact with him every day. The second to last email he sent out was from me that i sent that morning. But most were for the political guys  and his other list. He made that choice! And because of this i haven't sent in any of my usual stuff because i think we need to give Mike a chance to get used to the job and he may never want to get that deep into it. AND, if need be we could start our own site in Woody's honor and continue with the mocking and ridicule that we believe certain people or institutions so richly deserve.....jimmy
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What wood Wouldy want?

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I could not agree with this more, Woody at Janet's cafe told me this was his outlook on life an he did not like the phony lib"s in this world ! He was for America ! 

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    AMEN, thank you 

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PLEASE continue posting the political humor on 'The List'! I find it a fun change from the usual used tires and over-priced cars... being advertised for FREE I might add! I spoke to 'The Chief', Woody, about this some time back, and he too thought that by inserting this small variety of his opinion into 'The List' might be appreciated and enjoyed these days. Apparently not, with all the progressive liberals asking to be removed from 'The List'! Remember, this  IS and WAS Chief 'Woody's' list, which he provided as a FREE service to us all!! IF you have a problem with that, then leave!! 
Big George

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