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Claude Smith 55BelAir at Hwy66.us
Wed Jun 30 15:49:15 PDT 2021

Well worn joke template that all you have to do is substitute persons 
names and the object.

Well, I won't use names nor objects. To tell the following truth.

Last President exceeded in a lot of things.

One was:  He had 31 members of his inner circle indited for various crimes.

No other President holds that record.

Hoo Raa !

Claude W Smith  ( ò¿ó )
Berman's Bible: Julio "Generalissimo" Franco

On 06/30/2021 11:17 AM, d w wrote:
> Last Tuesday afternoon President Biden got off the helicopter in front 
> of the White House carrying a baby piglet under each arm.
> The squared-away Marine guard snapped to attention and saluted .
> "Nice Pigs, Sir".
> The President replied, "These are not Pigs. These are authentic 
> Arkansas Razorback hogs. I got one for Vice-President Kamala Harris 
> and I got one for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.”
> The squared-away Marine guard again snapped to attention, saluted, and 
> said, "Excellent trade, Sir."
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