[WoodyBay] Thanks to Steve Lordigyan, Charger Steve, El Cajon Cruise Night & Staff-Remembrance Volunteers - Chief Woody Downing Remembrance Drive By South Sunshine Ave & West Main St El Cajon Cruise Night June 23, 2021-4-7pm

Michael G. Brattland mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com
Thu Jun 24 09:51:33 PDT 2021

A big thank you Steve Cordigyan, Charger Steve and for your El Cajon Cruise Night staff.
It worked out very well thanks to your kindness and that of your staff. Not as many drove though as I had anticipated, but large numbers of folks came by which is all good, spent time talking with all of us, viewing the fire trucks and club cars, signing Woody’s condolence book and taking away a little of Woody in the form of his many hot rod shirts. The antique fire truck guys were wonderful and Alpine Fire sent one of their engines which stayed with us all three hours which was super.
*	Special thanks to Ralph Middleton, East County Cruisers for all his logistical help, including organizing the firetruck display, connecting with the cruise night DJ, our display tables and Remembrance night logistics.
*	Special thanks to Stan Ramos and Mark Mendalson, owners of the local antique fire vehicles who volunteered their vehicles  for the Woody Downing Remembrance.
*	Special thanks to Erin Dooley, Alpine Fire District and Fire Captain Matt of the Alpine Fire Department who brought an Alpine Fire Engine for display, spending time with all the attendees talking about his old Fire Chief Woody Downing.
*	Special thanks to Allyson Darroch, a professional graphic artist and magazine editor for the Naval Helicopter Association for her assistance and support to my efforts with Remembrance banners, poster board and programs.
*	Special thanks to Ray Gauthier, Prowlers for all his assistance with Remembrance night logistics and counsel on the overall Remembrance.
*	Special thanks to Jackie Rockeforte, Good Ole Boys San Diego for all his assistance with Remembrance night logistics and counsel on the overall Remembrance.
*	Special thanks to Wally Meyers and his wife Gail who helped throughout the Remembrance with the shirt display and condolence book.
*	Special thanks to Vince  Jacket, President of the South Bay Cruisers who turned out with several South Bay Cruisers  club members and helped with our entrance barrier handing out Remembrance programs to people as they drove by for Woody.
*	Special thanks to Joe and Paula Pifer of the Over The Hill Gang/Good Ole Boys San Diego for their counsel on the overall Remembrance.
*	Special thanks to Wally Meyers, Russ Prigg, Joe and Paula Pifer, Jim and Denise Payne for their counsel on the Remembrance and bringing their Good Ole Boys San Diego club cars to the event.
*	Special thanks to Denise Hume, the President of the Over The Hill Gang for her counsel and support on the Remembrance.
*	A very special thanks to my wife Cathy Brattland and son Alan Brattland who helped though out the planning of this Remembrance, assisting me at every step of the way with everything. Both worked tirelessly along with Gail Meyers making sure people found the shirts they might like, passing out Remembrance Programs, taking photographs/videos and making sure everyone was able to sign the condolence book for Woody.
Thanks to all of the rest of the greater San Diego car community for turning out for Chief Woody Downing, one of our own last night in El Cajon. Rest in Peace?
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I heard you did a fantastic job yesterday
I hope everyone was appreciative 
& thnx
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Alpine Fire is driving by tonight. Come say good by to a friend….The June Gloom rain drops will be long gone by this afternoon and evening..
Come by today and sign Woody’s Remembrance-Condolence Book and help find a home for his many new hot rod shirts…………mgb
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