[WoodyBay] GOB Members

Michael G. Brattland mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com
Sun Jun 6 18:03:51 PDT 2021

Good Ole Boys San Diego Car Club Members Only
Could each of you drop me an email at mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com
<mailto:mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com>  . I need to exchange with you regarding
the Good Ole Boys San Diego car Club and some other issues going forward in
view of Woody's passing. Thanks..mgb
CDR Mike Brattland, USN (Ret.)  <mailto:mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com>
mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com
 <http://www.gerlecreek.com/> www.gerlecreek.com
<http://www.brattland.org/> www.brattland.org
<http://www.ford6vcarburetion.com/> www.ford6vcarburetion.com
<http://www.westcoastwillysclub.com/> www.westcoastwillysclub.com
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