[WoodyBay] future emergency tow

Stephen Nelson sgncobra at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 13:11:23 PDT 2021

I'm a fellow greybeard who occasionally tows my vintage Corvette to Willow
Springs, Buttonwillow or Auto Club Speedway, usually by myself. Although it
has yet to happen, one of these days I'm going to have a problem with my
tow vehicle [Suburban 2500] and be stuck on the side of the freeway. While
I have the 200 mile AutoClub membership, I'm obviously concerned about
leaving my open trailer, car and tools on the side of the freeway. None of
the roadside towing memberships cover a car hauler. Therefore, I'm
looking for some other gearhead with an F250 or Silverado 2500 who could
tow my car hauler back to Solana Beach. Of course I will cover gas ,
expenses and time.  It may never happen but I would sure sleep better if I
had someone to call and bail me out in an emergency. Thanks for considering
my situation, steve nelson 858-229-3865
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