[WoodyBay] Garage Sale - Car Stuff for Sale

Claude W Smith claude at 1954.us
Wed Jul 7 09:36:33 PDT 2021

Cleaning the Garage and Storage Shed.  Have found many things that I no 
longer need.\\

So far what I have for sale is:
Car Covers
Battery Charger / Maintainer
Kit to add Day Light Running Lights to your car
Battery Saver Kit - Disconnects Battery when charge gets low.
Other items are not cataloged, as they have not been found.
As more items are found, I will admin this list.

I also have lots of building materials.  Electrical, Plumbing, Dry wall, 
Painting, NO TOOLS.
Come and check out what is to be had.

This list is going out to car clubs first.  So car people gets first 
shot at the stuff.
We are planning to have a Back Yard Sale -

Saturday July 10 - 0700 AM
Location:  4442 Jocelyn St - 92105
Text: 619-675-1979

Claude W Smith  ( ò¿ó )
Virginity is curable.

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