[WoodyBay] Woody Bay E-Mail List Charter Changes-July 4th 2021 Weekend

Rick Andersen 3430valley at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 11:00:22 PDT 2021

I think the entire situation is pretty sad. Not much of a commentary to the
fellow that created Woodbay years ago. Why should anything change. I
thought it was great to get an occasional chuckle. If there was something I
didn't like, I just deleted it. Why is there a need for all of us to change
the way we've been doing things just because an individual doesn't like it.
Our society is headed to a bad place.


On Sat, Jul 3, 2021 at 10:06 AM Charles Carroll <chuckcarrolljr at gmail.com>

> Thanks Cmdr. & Claud Smith
> CCC in Hemet
> On Sat, Jul 3, 2021 at 9:51 AM Michael G. Brattland <
> mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com> wrote:
>> The “WoodyBay” is a Woody Downing idea to connect the greater San Diego
>> Car Community since the early 2000s which has expanded over the years to
>> include most of SOCAL in its reach with upwards of 900 plus members on this
>> list. It has always been a one-way mailing list where items and messages to
>> be shared were all funneled to Woody who would then pass them to the list
>> for all to view read or trashcan.  With Woody Downing’s passing on June
>> 4, 2021, WoodyBay will continue as a memorial to our friend Woody Downing
>> but looked after by Mike Brattland, GOB, OTHG and West Coast Willys Club
>> Member and Woody’s old webmaster and friend for 30 plus years.
>> WoodyBay has become interactive which means I have adjusted the mail list
>> settings so that anyone on this list only may post to the list. If an
>> individual posts something to the list, all 970 members will see it just as
>> if I or Woody would have posted before, but it will come from any of you.
>> If anyone on the list responds to this post, only the person posting the
>> item will see a response. So, it should mean all of you will see everything
>> once, but you will not see responses from others on the list to individual
>> posts.
>> The “WoodyBay” offers the opportunity for list members to share using the
>> email address woodybay at goodoleboyssandiego.com  , car related items for
>> sale whether cars and parts, cars for sale, tools, etc. including car event
>> announcements, car, hot rod, racing related items including media/videos
>> going forward. If car related, that is what is to be shared here going
>> forward.  Leave all other topics to other forums please. Keep it simple
>> and on topic.
>> The Calendar will remain alive and well. If you have an event you want
>> listed on the calendar, please post that information directly to me, Mike
>> Brattland mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com  . As was the case when Woody was
>> with us, he would send an updated calendar via this list plus give me the
>> revised list which I would upload to his GOB website. The only change is I
>> will be doing it all now, but in the memory of our friend Woody Downing.
>> *For now on, since there are as many on one side of the coin as the other
>> side of the coin, no more anything not car related including political,
>> jokes, etc. It is time for change and personally Claude Smith and I do not
>> have the time to be referees of who said, she said, take me off the list, I
>> am staying on the list anymore. Such topics are history as of 4th of July
>> weekend.  Going forward every member of this list will have the power via
>> their keyboard to share in the car related areas.  Political opinions and
>> discussion from both sides of any issue or topic will not be welcomed here.
>> Consistent off charter posts will see you removed. If car related stuff
>> does not work for you, by all means remove yourself from the list. Opinion
>> or discussion directed at a list member or members of this discussion group
>> of a personal nature is not welcomed or will be tolerated on WoodyBay. *
>> The “WoodyBay” is a closed and moderated discussion list. New members may
>> join Woodybay list may join the list via www.goodoleboyssandiego.com .
>> Existing members can leave WoodyBay at any time using normal list
>> procedures laid out on www.goodoleboyssandiego.com  mailing list menu
>> item or by sending a note to the moderators.
>> The admin/moderator for the “WoodyBay” is CDR Michael G. Brattland, USN
>> (Ret.), mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com     and Claude Smith. I will be
>> adding several other car community folks from the car club community as
>> well as moderators.
>> *CDR Mike Brattland, USN (Ret.) mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com
>> <mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com> *
>> *Admin/Moderator WoodyBay & WoodyBay Calendar of events*
>> *619 454-0496  ‘38 Willys P/U/’66 Fairlane GT*
>> *Webmaster for www.goodoleboyssandiego.com
>> <http://www.goodoleboyssandiego.com/>  *
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>> <http://www.overthehillgang.com/>*
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>> *www.san-diego-prowlers-hot-rod-club.com
>> <http://www.san-diego-prowlers-hot-rod-club.com/> *
>> *www.big3partsexchange.com <http://www.big3partsexchange.com/>
>> www.gerlecreek.com <http://www.gerlecreek.com/>  *
>> *www.ford6vcarburetion.com <http://www.ford6vcarburetion.com/>
>> www.westcoastwillysclub.com <http://www.westcoastwillysclub.com/>*
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