[WoodyBay] WoodyBay Subject Line Technique

Michael G. Brattland mgbrattland at gerlecreek.com
Thu Jul 1 09:03:15 PDT 2021

For those who have not considered it, please make use of the Subject Line
review in your email software. If the subject line indicates it is anything
but events, cars and parts, use your "Delete option. Very powerful. Besides
this list I run nearly 300 emails a day through my various email accounts
including numbers of similar lists like this. I look at subject lines only
and delete anything I am not interested in actually opening or some thing
requiring my action. It is easy and will save all of your from all of this
consternation. So please Subject Line and Delete icon for things on WoodyBay
which is not your cup of tea.
Lastly the reason you are all able to have this discussion is I changed this
list to allow that. Up to Woody's passing he posted what he wanted on the
list and any complaints could not come to the list due to how I had it setup
for him. It was immediately rejected and deleted. 
So it was one way or the highway. 
Now it is not the case.so "Subject Line" and "Delete icon"..Easy
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