Event Calendar        10/17



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Every Saturday    The Donut Derelicts of Huntington Beach 6:30am

                           Adams Ave. Donuts @ Magnolia and Adams gotta drive em


Every Saturday    “Rods & Relics”, Fallbrook, 7am

                            Sunrise Café’ Hwy 76 & Mission Road gotta drive em


Every Saturday    “Clunkers & Dunkers”, Bonita, 7am 

                           Bonita Donuts 4414 Bonita Rd.   

                            info 619-426-1882      gotta drive em  


Every Saturday   Norco Cruisers, Norco, 8am  

                          2816 Hamner Ave. in front of the Norco Chamber of Commerce

                          Everyone welcome                                 

                          Info  951-454-6093  951-272-3892    gotta drive em


1st Saturday      In & Out Burger, Poway, 11am    

                        12890 Gregg Ct. (Kohl’s Parking lot) 

                        http://www.powaycruisers.com    gotta drive em


1st  Saturday    Palm Springs Cruisin' Association Cruise Night  4-8pm

                       Spa Resort Casino in downtown Palm Springs.

                       Info 760-360-9798 http://www.palmspringscruisinassociation.com   

                       gotta drive em


1st ,3rd & 5th Saturday    Beef & Bun, El Cajon, 5pm               

                                    Beef n’ Bun 2477 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon  gotta drive em


2nd  Saturday    The Malt Shop San Diego 4pm 

                        3625  Midway Dr. San Diego, 619-226-1600  gotta drive em


Every Sunday      Rods’n Donut Social, El Cajon, 7am     

                           New York Bakery 245 East Main (across from the grassy Knoll)                                    

                           gotta drive em


1st Sunday        Car Show Sundays, San Marcos, 11am

                        1080 West San Marcos Blvd.

                        Info   www.oldcalrestaurantrow.com   gotta drive em


2nd Sunday       Cars & Coffee on the Mesa, San Diego, 8am

                        JBA Auto Center  5675 Kearney Villa Rd. San Diego

                        Info  http://www.greenspeedoco.com  gotta drive em


Every Tuesday    Breakfast @ Moe’s , Temecula, 7:30am

                           27405 Jefferson Ave. gotta drive em 



1st  Tuesday      IB Car Show, Imperial Beach, 4pm 

                        Palm Ave. & Sea Coast Dr.

                        Open to all years C’s & T’s


Every Wednesday     “Cajon Classic Cruise” 5pm    

                                  Info  760-440-0896                                                          

                                  Pre 79 C’s & T’s   gotta drive em             


2nd & 4th  Wednesday   Good Ole Boys Breakfast, El Cajon, 8:30am

                                   Open to all clubs, guys only                 

                                   Denny's 665 N. Mollison Ave. El Cajon   (NEW LOCATION)

                                   gotta drive em   woodys57@pacbell.net


4th  Wednesday     “Hamburger Factory Cruiser Night”, Poway, 5pm 

                              14122 Midland Road                 (ENDS 10/26)        

                              Info  760-497-0219 or 858-354-9258


                              Open to all years C’s & T's    gotta drive em


Every Thursday    23rd Annual “Back to the 50’s”Car & Bike Show, La Mesa, 5pm

                             Info  619-857-7272   jleary55@att.net    (Season Ended)        


Every Thursday   Ramona American Graffiti Cruise, Ramona, 6pm

                            Staging at Ron’s Tires Etcheverry & Hwy 67 (Season Ended)


Every Friday     “Cruisn’ Grand”, Escondido, 5pm   (Season Ended)                  

                        Info 760-746-8461   spiderwaldron@yahoo.com  

                        Pre 72 C’s & T's  gotta drive em








10/18      Every Tuesday    Breakfast @ Moe’s , Temecula, 7:30am

                                       27405 Jefferson Ave.  


                                        Pre 79 C’s & T’s   gotta drive em


10/19-23      39th Annual Relics & Rods “Run to the Sun”, Lake Havasue

                   Info   www.relicsandeods.com  info@relicsandrods.com

                   928-855-0933   gotta drive em


10/19      Every Wednesday   “Cajon Classic Cruise 5pm  (Best of the Best) 

                                             Info  760-440-0896                     

                                             Pre 79 C’s & T’s    gotta drive em


10/22      Every Saturday   Donut Derelicts , Huntington Beach 6:30am

                                       Adams Ave. Donuts @ Magnolia

                                       Info info@rodshows.com   gotta drive em


10/22     Every Saturday  “Rods & Relics”, Fallbrook, 7am

                                      Sunrise Café’ Hwy 76 & Mission Road  gotta drive em


10/22      Every Saturday  “Clunkers & Dunkers”, Bonita, 7am 

                          Bonita Donuts 4414 Bonita Rd

                                      12890 Gregg Ct. (Kohl’s Parking lot)   gotta drive em


10/22    2nd Annual Show & Shine Car Show, Alpine, 8am

            At the Casino Inn 1155 Alpine Blvd.

            Must enter from Dunbar/Harbison Canyon exit from I8 Tavern Rd. will be closed

            Info 619-847-6992  619-249-7860

            Open to all years C's, T's & Bikes


10/23      Every Sunday      Rods’n Donut Social, El Cajon, 7am     

                                       New York Bakery 245 East Main (across from the grassy Knoll)

                                       gotta drive em   


10/23    Dana Point Lantern District Car Show, Dana Point, 1pm

            Info  www.dplanterndistrict.com


10/26      2nd & 4th  Wednesday   Good Ole Boys Breakfast, El Cajon, 8:30am

                                               Open to all clubs, guys only                 

                                               Denny's 665 N. Mollison Ave. El Cajon   (NEW LOCATION)

                                               gotta drive em   woodys57@pacbell.net


10/26      4th  Wednesday   “Hamburger Factory Cruiser Night”, Poway, 5pm     

                                        14122 Midland Road                           (Last one for the season)

                                        Info  760-497-0219 or 858  http://www.powaycruisers.com

                Open to all years C’s & T’s


10/28    Haunt & Glow Car Show, Laughlin NV.

            Room & Show Package $144.98  2 night stay

            Contact Robin Rudkin  rrudkin@troplaughlin.com


10/29    31st Fall Family Festival at the Poway Historic Chapel, Poway, 10am

            13501 Community Rd.

            Info Madame Mechanic  858-679-8000


10/29    WHAMMER JAMMERS BIG BAD BEACH CRUIZ #21, San Diego, 3pm

            Meet at Pal Joeys/Foster Freeze parking lot on Waring Road

            Meet at 3pm Leave at 4pm

            Info  Tom 619-843-3833


10/29      1st ,3rd & 5th Saturday    Beef & Bun, El Cajon, 5pm                    

                                                2477 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon  gotta drive em


11/1      1st  Tuesday      IB Car Show, Imperial Beach, 4pm  

                                    Palm Ave. & Sea Coast Dr.

                                    Open to all years C’s & T’s


11/3-5        29th Annual FASTPASS Car Show, Laughlin NV

                 $149+tax - 4 days 3 nights call 800-950-7700 mention FASTPASS Car Show  

                 Golden Nugget


11/5      14th Annual Holiday Car Show & Toy Drive, Valley Center, 9am

            Bates Nut Farm 15954 Woods Valley Rd.

            Info  www.eastcountycruisers.com  760-440-0896

            Open to all years C's & T's


11/5      1st Sunday        Car Show Sundays, San Marcos, 11am

                                    1080 West San Marcos Blvd.

                                    Info   www.oldcalrestaurantrow.com     gotta drive em


11/5      1st Saturday      In & Out Burger, Poway, 11am    

                                    12890 Gregg Ct. (Kohl’s Parking lot) 

                                     http://www.powaycruisers.com    gotta drive em


11/12-13      27th Autumn Get-Together, Pleasanton

                   Info  www.good-guys.com  925-838-9876

                   Open to all years C’s & T’s   gotta drive em


11/12    Veteran’s Day Car Show, Riverside, 9am

            Flabob Airport 4130 Mennes St.

            Info   951-681-5261     gotta drive em           


11/12      2nd Sunday       Cars & Coffee on the Mesa, San Diego, 8am

                        JBA Auto Center  5675 Kearney Villa Rd. San Diego

                                    Info  http://www.greenspeedoco.com  gotta drive em


11/12      2nd  Saturday    The Malt Shop, San Diego 4pm         

                                     3625  Midway Dr. San Diego, 619-226-1600 

                                    gotta drive em 


11/18-20     19th Southwest Nationals, Scottsdale AZ.

                  Info  www.good-guys.com  925-838-9876

                  Open to all 72 and older C’s & T’s  gotta drive em    


11/26    10th Annual Rockabilly Extravaganza Car Show, Riverside, 9am

            Riverside Airport 6951 Flight Rd.

            Info   www.Rockabilly66.com    


12/10    Lady Liberty Vintage Car Show, San Diego, 7am

            Cabrillo National Monument

            Info  858-277-0049

            Limited to the first 50 vehicles

            1946 and older


12/11    31st Annual Street Masters Christmas Cruise for the Kids, San Diego, 8am

            Torrey Pines High School 3710 Del Mar Heights Road

            Bring new unwrapped toy(s) and or cash donation

            Pancake Breakfast by world renowned Chef's

            Info 760-315-2057







1/14      30th Annual Burger Run, Vista, 6am

            Pepper Tree Frosty  rain Date 1/21

            Info   www.burgerrun.info

            Pre 72 C’s & T’s   gotta drive em


2/11      15th Annual Dr. George Car Show, Indian Wells, 7am

            Indian Wells Tennis Garden

            Info  www.palmspringscruisinassociation.com

            Street Rods, Classics, Muscle Cars Trucks & Bikes


3/2-4     Havasu Deuces, Lake Havasu

            facebook @ havasu deuces

            Parking Thru 57

            32 is 85


3/3-4     Temecula Rod Run, Temecula,

            Info  www.TemeculaEvents.org/TemeculaRodRun 


3/10-12     Goodguys Spring Nationals

                Info   good-guys.com           


3/11      2nd Annual Charity Car Show, San Marcos, 9am

            San Marcos High School 1615 W. San Marcos Blvd.

            Classic, Rods, Muscle & Customs


3/31-4/2     Goodguys Del Mar Nationals

                 Info   good-guys.com          


4/7-9     La Jolla Concours d'Elegance



8/25-27     Goodguys West Coast Nationals

                Info   good-guys.com           




Computer - Repair and Set-up - Reasonable Rates 

Serving San Diego County  Alan 619-971-3472 



Pomona Swap Meet dates:

http://www.pomonaswapmeet. com


Ray Taylor’s San Diego Auto Swap Cool Expo, Qualcomm Stadium 

858-484-9342 or     http://www.sandiegoautoswap.com


Long Beach, Hi Performance Swap Meet:



Big 3 Parts Exchange   



El Mirage






SoCal Car Culture     



Nevada     Cruising with “Lugnut”   



OverDrive Online     

http://www.overdrivehotrodnews.com/  Subscribe to: Electronic OverDrive


Enclosed Vehicle Transport



Haynes Chauffeuring   Antique Car Chauffeuring





Elite Image Limousines  




Good to know Front clip & Rear Axel Measurments  (SAVE)



Stolen Classic Cars section at:



NOS for all Cars & Truck's up to 72'


Antique Auto Supply, 1225 Colorado Ln, Arlington, TX 76015


Carburetor CFM required 

cubic in x rpm divided by 3456 = divided by .9

ie 350x6000 div by 3456 = 607.63 div by .9 = 675.14  675cfm carburetor

   350x4500                     = 455.72                = 506.35     500cfm carburetor        


PS. If you have information about a show not listed 

e-mail  woodys57@pacbell.net  the info to me including the following:


Day of event.

Name of the event.

Time of the event.

Info: telephone number, e-mail address/web site.

The cut off year of the cars.